Remote Support Over the years we have used several methods available to provide remote support. The the most common ones we see currently are:

buy Lyrica online usa If you require remote support and still have internet access we can assist you in the installation and setup of one of the above. If you just want to access a PC on your network then the good solution is the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) which is built into many versions of Windows.

Instructions on how to install and setup RDC can be found on the Microsoft site:
Connecting to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection


  • Some remote support programs like 'Crossloop' and 'LogMeIn Free' have long since ceased service. If you have unusable remote access software that wont be updated any more still on your computer, then probably best if you uninstall them just in case they become a security issue.
  • The account login that was used for 'Logmein Free' can be used with
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