New Start Why? Well, primarily we wanted add a section for news, tips and support questions, and the static website we had before was just not capable of that. The Professional Solutions website has been designed and re-designed several times over the last few years but, for one reason or another (workload, trying to put too many ideas live at that same time, etc), those versions were never published. This time we are keeping it very simple and going live, now. We are always advising our clients that “something simple is better than nothing at all, so let’s get it done” and we are taking our own advice.

neurontin mg We also decided that should show clients the sort of website they can have for a reasonable budget. Not one that we have spent weeks of tech-time to code specially just for us, but an example of an affordable small business website that we offer to our clients, many of which are start-ups.

So, from now on, aspects of the design will probably change, but the content and the functionality will only get better … and you know you can have it too!

This site is built with WordPress and uses standard plugins and themes – free ones wherever possible – and we will let you know when we have included paid for services.

If you find any issues let us know on the Contact page and we will try and correct asap.

Expect frequent changes …

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